Nutrition Surveillance Programme Manager - Action Against Hunger, Pakistan, Deadline: Mar-31-2011


Country: Pakistan
Region: Islamabad
Job Type: Employment
Job Location: Field
Directing HQ: Action Against Hunger - USA
Job Duration: 12mths
Language(s): English
Expiry Date: Mar 31 '11

Job Objectives:
The Surveillance Program Manager is in charge of planning, designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting on surveillance activities. The technical coordination and ACF HQ must validate all survey or study reports if an external dissemination is planned before external dissemination.

General objectives:
• Management of surveillance team
• Implementation of nutrition surveys or assessments
• Collaboration within ACF team
• External Coordination
• Reporting

Management of the surveillance team:
- Supervision of the surveillance team including: induction, follow up, evaluation, and promotion of positive team dynamics and motivation.
- Training and building of technical capacity of the surveillance team.

Implementation of nutrition surveys or assessments:
The Surveillance Program Manager is responsible for conducting surveys and assessments. He is responsible of their scientific quality and relevance, and therefore has to ensure proper methodology in terms of sampling, data collection, analysis and reporting.
• Collection of background and general information. The PM is in charge of the scientific quality of the research. S/he will organize for the field officers access to books, reports, key informants interviews, local authorities, etc, according to the needs of the research.
• Design the survey. The Surveillance Program Manager is in charge of the design of the survey: initial planning, to select the tools and methods, the type of informants and/or sampling, selection of villages for field work, writing guidelines and set up time frame, working days needed, logistics planning and any special tools and equipment needed (GPS, map, camera…).
• This training should not be conducted in the targeted villages or sample since it is not a part of the research. The PM is also in charge of any legal aspect, authorization, cooperation with local authorities, etc. if needed during fieldwork. - Field work – secondary data. Secondary data collection in the field. Visual information, mapping, drawing, pictures, description, according to the needs of the survey. The PM should be familiar with tools such as GPS, digital camera, basic mapping and drawing.
• Field work – data collection. Collection of information at field level for the needs of the research. Different tools and methodologies can be used, depending in the needs and type of the survey: focus group discussion, PRA, face-to-face meetings, questionnaires. The PM will systematically provide the team training before the field work to test the questionnaire and methodology and to ensure that the team adheres to guidelines, protocols and methodologies in place.
• Analysis and processing of information. Particular attention will be paid to the nature of the data to be collected. Main tools used for data processing are Sphinx, ENA by SMART, SPSS and Excel. The PM will assist and lead the team in data entry and analysis.
• Reporting / restitution. The PM is the writer of the survey report. S/he is the guaranty of the scientific quality of the final work and the integrated collaboration with other ACF technical departments for contextual information. A report should always end with recommendations and, if needed, suggestions for further research.
• Archiving. To keep archives of all reports and data collected.
Collaboration within ACF team:
- Collaboration with Technical Coordinators and Program Managers and any other ACF resource people in order to ensure the coherence of ACF activities and reports.
- Collaboration with the Nutrition coordinator, who is in charge of validating all tools used for the survey and the survey reports
- Follow up of the surveillance program budget in liaison with the Administrator
- Follow up of the logistics requirements of the evaluation team with the Logistics Department and relevant Head of Bases
External coordination:
- Representation of ACF to UN, other NGO bodies and agencies including community leaders at the district level.
- Coordination with the Ministry of Health and/or other line ministries for the implementation of surveillance activities.
- Organization of technical training on surveillance methodologies with external partners (government/NGOs).

- All technical reports for external release – ie. Nutrition surveys, rapid assessments, and sentinel site surveillance: reports are validated by Nutrition Coordinator and relevant Technical Advisors from NY.
- Reports on any training session and/or workshop organized by ACF on evaluation.
- End of mission self evaluation report to be sent to NY.

Level of study/specific qualifications/technical requested:
- Minimum master’s degree in international politics or development, any advanced programme background (Epidemiology, nutrition, Agricultural economics/development economics, development sociology or related studies).
- At least 2 years of experience in humanitarian work
- Experience in surveillance specifically in Nutrition (FSL and WASH a plus)
- Excellent knowledge of SMART, LQAS, CSAS methodologies for surveillance
- Excellent communication skills
- Excellent writing and analytical skills.
- Good management and representation competencies.
- Excellent influencing and negotiation skills
- Familiarity with ACF and acceptance of ACF’s principles

About Action Against Hunger
Action Against Hunger | ACF International is an international humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, ACF saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting five million people each year.
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