Head of Region - Action Against Hunger, Uganda, Deadline: Mar-31-2011


Country: Uganda
Region: Karamoja
Job Type: Employment
Job Location: Field
Directing HQ: Action Against Hunger - USA
Job Duration: 12mths
Language(s): English
Expiry Date: Mar 31 '11

Job Objectives:
Objective 1: Supervise logistics and administration in Karamoja.
Activities :
- Manage logistics and administration staff in order to ensure smooth program and operations.
- Ensure the respect adherence to ACF logistics and administration procedures within all departments.
- Identify staff’s training needs set post-training objectives
- Invest in improving the functioning of logistics tools and regulations in collaboration with the LOGCO.
- Validate logistics reports, before sending them to Kampala for final approval.
- Perform regular (fortnightly, monthly) cash controls and bank reconciliations.
- Ensure all newly recruited ACF national staff is correctly, thoroughly briefed (ACF charter, security, staff regulations)
- Oversee the accountancy and implement the cash forecast on monthly basis.
- Ensure timely, purposeful evaluations of staff with the focus on career development.
- Provide training and refresher courses on base related to fleet, movement, safety, security, first aid and other issues that must be cyclically assessed for quality and performance.

Objective 2: Ensure safety and security of ACF staff, equipment and bases in Karamoja.
Activities :
- Brief all new ACF International staffs on ACF safety and security procedures in region, ensure consistent refreshing / sensitization over changing security context and modified plans..
- Follow up security situation at the field / regional level, and take decisions accordingly (especially movements) in collaboration with the CD and LOGCO.
- Ensure that ACF rules and regulations concerning staff security and safety are being followed by all regional staff and visitors to the bases.
- Update the regional security plan as necessary, in collaboration with LOGCO and CD.
- Propose change on Lima (security) levels according to the context.
- Ensure that all communication equipment and vehicles are functional, ensure safety and careful usage of the equipment, as per equipment policy.
- Report fleet/equipment problems to LOGCO.
- Ensure security stock and medical kits are regularly checked by pertinent focal points.

Objective 3: Monitor, analyze and report on political, humanitarian and security contexts in Karamoja.
- Maintain and develop a network to collect relevant information.
- Promote the image and work of ACF in the sub-region.
- Analyze the political, security, social and humanitarian context and feed it into annual strategies.
- Prepare weekly updates (sitreps) concerning the context.

Objective 4: Represent ACF externally in all meetings with government, donors, other stakeholders, and the general humanitarian community in Karamoja.
- Ensure all stakeholders present in Karamoja have a clear understanding of ACF charter, background, security procedures, programs objectives, activities in the field.
- Promote the acceptance of ACF and its programs in host and work locations and communities.
- Ensure regular contacts with local authorities (Chief Administrative Officer, LC5, LC3I, Resident District Commissioner, Ministry of Health, District Security Officer, UPDF representatives, etc.)
- Ensure regular contacts with all humanitarian partners (NGOs, UN…)
- Ensure ACF attends all relevant humanitarian coordination meetings
- Represent ACF to the courts and human rights’ representative entities in case of judicial actions.

Objective 5: Ensure effective, timely and standardized communication/coordination between all departments on bases / region and capital departments / coordination team.
Activities :
- Play the role of facilitator between the capital and the field (sharing information).
- Implement/facilitate fortnightly coordination meetings on base and minute the meetings for further follow up.
- Organize regular general staff meetings at bases.
- Ensure exchange of information between ACF technical departments at regional level.
- Visit ACF field activities regularly and report on problems, challenges and obstacles.
- Ensure, assist and enforce efficient, synergized, integrated fieldwork and program/movement planning and program drafting by program managers and officers.

Education / Specific Degrees / Special Skills :
- Significant experience in humanitarian project management, especially in insecure areas.
- Advanced knowledge of donors’ guidelines and procedures in humanitarian settings.
- Excellent human resource management skills.
- Excellent organizational, leadership and motivation/training skills.
- Must be self-disciplined, able to meet own deadlines and arrive at decisions and conclusions with minimal guidance.
- Must be fluent in spoken and written English (professional English required).
Humanitarian field experience requested: YES

About Action Against Hunger
Action Against Hunger | ACF International is an international humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, ACF saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting five million people each year.
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