Head of Base - Action Against Hunger, Sudan, Deadline: Mar-31-2011 (Expired)

Country: Sudan
Region: Malualkon
Job Type: Employment
Job Location: Field
Directing HQ: Action Against Hunger - USA
Job Duration: 12mths
Language(s): English
Expiry Date: Mar 7 '11

Job Objectives:
General objective:
The Head of Base is responsible for coordinating, consolidating, and ensuring smooth implementation of and adherence to logistic, human resource, administration and security procedures in ACF bases in Southern Sudan.

Objective 1 :
Support for the human resources of the bases
Activities :
-To ensure the exact and exhaustive payment of the monthly salaries
-To implement all HR procedures on the base ; to propose to Administrator new procedures if needed
-To follow in collaboration with the Country Administrator and HR Manager, the regular update of the staff database and of the staff files
-To implement in collaboration with the Country Administrator, the payment of the social insurance and income tax monthly and on time
-To ensure the implementation of the staff regulation in the base.
-To ensure the communication/coordination with other NGOs in the area regarding HR issues and in collaboration with the Country Administrator
-In charge of relationship with local authorities concerning administrative issues (i.e. Labour Office…)
-Ensuring the daily needs of the staff residing in the compound are met in line with ACF policy. This includes organizing meals preparation and living arrangements, such as cleaning and laundry.
-Responsible for following up on administration and HR issues with the respective coordinators in Juba and the field administrators
-To ensure that consistency and coherence are observed
-To ensure that each disciplinary action is justified, compliant to the law and staff regulation, and validated by the HR Coordinator
-To ensure the proper communication within the base concerning administrative staff information, and communication of memos from Juba.
-Supervision of the program managers, base logistician and all local base staff: recruitment, induction, job description, follow up, evaluation, and promotion of positive team dynamics and motivation.
-Planning of R&R/leave of base staff

Objective 2 :
Support for the finances of the bases
Activities :
-Monthly treasury forecast for the base : Consolidation and validation of the treasury forecast of the base and forwarding to Juba finance, follow-up with Finance Manager.
-Responsible for any financial authorization of the expenses done on the base in compliance with the monthly treasury forecast
-Responsible for the monthly cashbook in order to ensure that all items are charged to correct budgets (SAGA); assist with update of SAGA when necessary; cash counts once per month per base.
-Participation in the financial management of the base in collaboration with the Country Administrator and Finance Manager to ensure the financial visibility and compliance of the base.
-Prepare and finalize the accountancy and sent to the administrator on a monthly base, not later than the 10th of each month. Adhere to specific donor requirements, ensure all accountancy is copied, ensure for all invoices / receipts the required internal authorization documents are attached (IOF, AF, AT, Contract , PO, DN, etc )

Objective 3 :
Support for the logistics of the base
Activities :

In accordance with the procedures and guidelines defined in the kitlog V2 / V3:
-Responsible for following up on logistic issues with the Logistics Coordinator and Capital Logistician.
-To ensure that correct logistical procedures are being followed in accordance with donor requirements and ACF kit log.
-To ben in charge to implement the change of kitlog from V2 to V3 and all the changes in procedures required.

Supply chain management in cooperation with the base log/ admins
-To compile, process and validate on base level all IOF (Internal Order Forms)
-Yearly procurement planning involving all relevant staff.
-Ensure the correct filing of all the procurement documents, copying and sending all files for more than 700 USD on a monthly base to the logistics coordinator.

Equipment and fleet management in cooperation with the Logistics Coordinator, Capital Logistician and Fleet Manager
-To evaluate the equipments needed for the base
-To supervise the allocation and the use of the equipment
-To establish and manage the equipment list of the base
-To supervise the organization and planning of vehicles and staff movement.
-Maintenance, service and initiate repairs of the fleet (all means of transportation)
-Implementation and administrative tasks (Insurances, documentation, consumption logs)
-To ensure driver training and appropriate driving behaviour
-Ton ensure coordination in planning of movements between the bases and departments

Rehabilitation and maintenance in cooperation with the base log/admins
-To monitor the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of all base structures in line with relevant budgets
-To develop plans, drawings, BoQ's together with the WASH or other relevant technical support.

Objective 4 :
Support for base security management and management of National Security with the Logistics Coordinator and HoM
Activities :
-Collection of information providing for context analysis in collaboration with the LogCo and HoM
-To compile and submit base security plans to the Logistics Coordinator for approval and update every 3 months.
-To contribute base relevant information to the communications handbook, movement handbook, as well as security guidelines for Staff and National Security Guidelines.
-Implementation of security procedures in compliance with ACF guidelines and policies.
-Management of security incidents/evacuations and medical evacuations in collaboration with the LogCo and HoM.

Objective 5 :
Representation of ACF to local authorities and partners
Activities :
-To represent Action Against Hunger at state and county level in coordination and under the direct supervision of the HoM
-To develop networks with local authorities (GoSS and traditional)
-To represent ACF programs at the field level with institutional partners and donors
-To participate in coordination fora at the state and county level

Education / specific degree / special skills:
Excellent communication and representative skills (written, oral, cross-cultural)
- To be well organized and able to multitask
- Excellent finance management; specifically budget management (usually multiple budgets).
- Proven experience in staff management as this is a managerial post
- Team spirit and leadership skills
- Logistics experience
- Good general knowledge in IT, mechanic, radio & satellite communications
- Knowledge and experience in the management of Safety & Security procedures
- Proven ability to work in field settings as this is a field post

Humanitarian field experience requested: Compulsory / min Bachelors degree in a related field.

About Action Against Hunger
Action Against Hunger | ACF International is an international humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, ACF saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting five million people each year.
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